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 Clan Kilva(WIP)

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PostSubject: Clan Kilva(WIP)   Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:31 pm


Structure: The lands of Kilva are divided into seven different clans that each rule a section of the larger kingdom of the Kilva clan. Clan Eden holds dominance over the bay to the westernmost part of the region. Clan Loga sits on the mouth of the middle of the three rivers that flow in the southlands of the island. Clan Veno surrounds the main capital and works as both guard and military for the entire region. Four other clans reign across the lands, each controlling a matter of the territory. The other clans are called Rein, Mori, Dasi, and Wov.

In each clan they are ruled by a chief which is appointed by either a combat match or election (depending on the clan) who holds dominance over the group. He or she is aided by an advisor, who also acts as second in command. The rest of the clan is divided into two parts, hunters or gatherers and each part is therefore further subdivided.



Races: All races are accepted and encouraged to roam within Kilva, although some Clans can be selective. Towards the west and the border of Londs the human population is prevelent, while in contrast along the Tas-U border there are more Faie folk. In the main courts of Clan Kilva it is a mostly Faie population (40%) followed by Selkies (32%).

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Clan Kilva(WIP)
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