Welcome to Creatures of the Night! This is a play-by-post Roleplaying site, where three sentences are appreciated. This is based on supernatural Creatures of the Night, like ghosts, vampires, werewolves and much more.
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 The Plot

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PostSubject: The Plot   The Plot I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 13, 2016 4:33 pm

Maybe you've seen the signs.

They lurk in every alleyway, on every lamppost, anywhere graffiti scrawls freely.
"Darklight or Starguard?"
"Viva la Lux Tenebris; End the oppression!”
"Protect the innocents!"
You wouldn't think much about the grandiose statements, the warnings of a coming fight. You'd think they simply referred to rival gangs, or a political movement. You wouldn't know the world was waking up around you.

It started in a time long past.

They were persecuted when they lived as they truly were, and so some hid, and so some fought. The warriors went down in what they'd considered to be a blaze of glory; the elusive ones learned how to live in the world without being suspected. For times all would be silent, the world calm, humans living to make their own mistakes, unaffected by any higher power. But every once in a while, the tides would churn and roll and change, the results always ending the same way- any one who lived their natural life in the public eye would be killed. A plethora of lives wasted.

And then, they figured it out.

The end would not start with not a bang, but a whimper, those born different learning in order to make a change they had to stay underground, forgotten, silent. Their persecutors forgot them, and slowly, they began to form an endgame to rule the world, breaking themselves into a light, putting the earth under shadow. The weak humanity would fall under their sheer power.

And so the Darklight was born.

But the ones who had lived peacefully among the humans could not, would not have it. The people did not deserve enslavement, they said, to live in fear of the ones that had been their neighbors for so long. They would not let it happen, and, believing themselves to be the guiding lights in the dark, named themselves the Starguard.

Slowly, it all caught fire.

Anyone of the night learned about the new and deadly game of chess, the new sworn enemies of each other. One people turned against itself. The power players made themselves obvious quickly, standing out as the most powerful players in the game. Their sphere of influence spread like a plague, no one unaffected.

Every Creature of the Night must pick a side.

"Darklight or Starguard?"

The Lux Tenebris strive for one thing- Creatures to live out in the open, ruling over humans. They tend to have disregard for any lives, save other Darklights. They operate in the shadows, but wait patiently for their time to emerge into the open, hence their name: A dark type of light waiting to be cast over the humans. While many would see these people as the "bad guys" of our story, sometimes Darklights truly wish for peace, but feel as though the oppression of monsters should be lifted first. They value strength and loyalty above all else.

The Froura Asteron are happy living double lives. The Guardians live peacefully among humans, or, in some cases, relocate themselves to rural areas in order to live in their true forms. It's not that they don't enjoy humans believing all Creatures to be evil and extinct, but they believe letting humans know of their existence would cause more harm than good. They tend to see humans as equals, and those who don't at least respect humans as one would a younger cousin. They derive their name from the night skies, seeing stars as themselves: unappreciated guides of light. They value courage and morality.

Both sides treat either of these subcategories warily. The Undecideds feel torn in two trying to choose a side; Neutrals feel either uninterested or unhappy with Starguards and Darklights alike.

Good to be back. I'll miss this place. Tell Zach I'm sorry I couldn't be a better angel.

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The Plot
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