Welcome to Creatures of the Night! This is a play-by-post Roleplaying site, where three sentences are appreciated. This is based on supernatural Creatures of the Night, like ghosts, vampires, werewolves and much more.
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 The Rules

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The Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Rules   The Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 07, 2012 10:11 am


  • No Power Play (controlling a character that is not an NPC and that does not belong to you)
  • Don't give out personal information; this is the internet, after all
  • Don't spam in the chatbox or on the forums
  • No harassing other members!
  • If you're talking about a series or story outside of the roleplay, mark all spoilers!
  • Posts must be at least three sentences. This promotes better RP
  • When creating a topic, please specify location with the "description" box under the title
  • Use proper grammar while roleplaying
  • Respect other players at all times; Cyberbullying is in no way EVER acceptable
  • Play all of your characters on one account, please
  • Advertisement is not allowed.
  • Make sure your characters are approved before roleplaying with them
  • Staff are to be respected- If you think one of the staff members is being abusive, contact an admin immediately

Our punishment system works differently for different rules. For example, messing up grammatically is not nearly as serious as cyberbullying. However, these are some of the punishments you may see:

  • Warning
  • Chatbox ban
  • Chat and PM ban
  • Day ban/week ban (depending on the offense)
  • Month ban
  • Permanent Ban

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The Rules
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