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 Slash: a story of kills

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PostSubject: Slash: a story of kills   Slash: a story of kills I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 08, 2013 9:11 pm

-}---- ----{-


Jane the killer, once an average girl, but now a demonic remain of what she once was walked down the empty highway, towards the light of a small town ahead. Well, not all that small but it wasn't that big either. She was in the heart of California, on the trail of her elusive ex-boyfriend that she was determined to kill after he had messed up her life permanently. Her ghost-white face lay hidden under her black sweatshirt, her eyeless holes staring blankly into the lights and neon of the town. She had a concealed machete in her backpack which contained the few 'snacks' she had taken at her last stop. A German steel kitchen knife also was on her person, in the pocket where her hands were upon her sweatshirt.

She continued her long walk to a sign at the edge if town and read it through the dim reflective light. "Woodsboro" she spoke to herself and chuckled. "Fun sounding town" she told herself and kept walking. It was a typical California town, nice buildings and well paved roads, street lights ever few yards or so. Jane sighed and nodded with satisfaction, she knew she was going to have a great meal tonight. She kept walking down Main Street, when something stopped her. The smell of fresh blood rang true to the demigod, and she paused, looking around. Why was there that scent so pungent in the air!? She thought as her hand carefully grabbed her knife, taking it out of her pocket just in case. She continued to walk, her empty eye sockets scanning everywhere for any lone stranger when finally they locked onto a young adult male. She licked her lips, already tasting the crimson, metallic blood upon her hellbent mind.

Jane walked closer, knife held at her side and good off, showing her demonic form as with a shrill yell, she jumped upon her victim and stabbed just below the neck, the knife crunching right through the spine, immobilizing her victim as she laughed, bringing the knife up and stabbed down through the skull, the knife tip going through the back of the eye. Jane kept stabbing the dead corpse of the man, again and again a she laughed. This was her sport, her life, her practice for when she came to the one who messed up her life in the first place. She continued to stab and stomp on the skull, blood pooling beneath the body as she stepped back and examined her work. "Soon Jeff....I'll murder you worse than this" she whispered and sat down, eating the body, bit by bit. Then a flashback rang true in her mind, drowning out everything else...

Jane was laughing, dressed in a pretty summer dress, bright and colorful as she appeared normal. Brunette hair and sparkly blue eyes, she looked lovely and attractive as she walked down a street in a small town in Connecticut, her boyfriend holding her hand. Jeff was her boyfriend, an attractive, athletic type guy with the black hair and green eyes that seemed to charm anyone he looked at. He was sweet, and kind to Jane and Jane adored him, loved him. They went to a party, one of there family-friends birthday and felt in harmony together. The party was great, and they were able to sneak into the living room with some soda and an R rated horror movie....

Janes flashback paused as she heard sirens, a single cop car coming straight at the demon. "THE FUZZ!" She shouted and began to run, her clothing and knife stained with fresh blood as she took off down the road, the police following her in a swift pursuit. She kept running though, then when her eyes found a large warehouse, she ducked into it and hid behind a collection of boxes, all marked fragile. She held her knife to her chest, panting hard as she waited for them to pass. However, drowsiness caught up with the sixteen year old and she collapsed up against the boxes into a deep sleep...


Jane woke in the morning as the employees of the warehouse yanked open the larger doors and the sound if a forklift could be heard as it muscled its way inside. Jane stood quickly and ran outside, pulling up her hood as she ran back to the sidewalk to find it empty, Except a large crowd at a paper stand. Curious, Jane approached them but knew she couldn't go up and get a paper, she was a wanted criminal and a murderer! However, she smirked as she came upon a devious, yet classic way to get a paper. She hid behind a bush, waiting for someone with a paper to pass by....

When someone finally did she dragged them through the pushes and slit their throat, the blood gurgling out of the unfortunate victim as Jane snatched the blood covered paper and read the headline.


It read with a picture of her hunched over the body. She groaned, knowing this was going to make it even harder to leave town now that she was being searched for. She sighed and left the dead body as she walked towards what looked like a university. She noticed several kids playing along the walk, obviously not caring about the news, and just having fun. She smiled as she passed, remembering her good childhood before Jeff messed it up forever....

She continued to walk through Woodsboro, ducking into alleys and shops when the boys in blue passed, but other than that she was fine. She passed a pay phone at the break of twilight, when it began to ring. Puzzled, the young child of Melinoe slowly approached the black phone, seeming as if a communications device to lucifer in the fading light. She hesitated for a second, then lifted the phone off the receiver and put it to her ear. "Hello?" She asked, cautiously and trying to act as normal as she could.

"Hello Jane" a voice in a creepy, low, baritone responded, giving the demonic girl chills down her spine as she clutched the receiver tight within her hand.

"Who is this? How did you know where I was? Who I am? Jeff is that you!" She demanded in spitfire, almost crushing the plastic black phone within her grasp as she hissed out the words. She didn't know who this caller is, but she intended instantly to slit its throat!

"One question at a time my dear, and speaking of questions jade, I have one for you" The horrific speaker announced to the demigod, causing her to grit her teeth to keep from cursing at this mysterious caller to get to point. "What's your favorite horror movie Jane? And you better answer, I'm watching you" the caller said, beginning to make Jane nervous as she checked behind her back and to either side.

"Cinderella" she retorted and slammed the phone back onto its receiver, only to hear it ringing again, as if a taunting signal from the depths of hell. She picked it up again and growled "what is it?!?" She shouted into the plastic receiver, annoyed more than creeped out at the moment.

"You shouldn't have done that Jane....now I'm going to have to eliminate you from the set" the voice hissed and clinked shut, only static in Janes ear now as she dropped the phone and bolted out of the phone booth, glancing around the street to find anything abnormal, only to find nothing. She smirked to herself, thinking it as an empty threat when she turned the corner when someone jumped out in front of her, a Bowie knife in hand and began to run at her. Jane cursed and stumbled back, drawing her own knife and began to run. The creature followed her, laughing in it's sinister baritone as its masked face showed no sign of emotion besides the twisted imagination of a ghost.


Jane ran, not exactly scared but running more to get a strategic advantage over the fellow murderer chasing her. She knew exactly what type of killer this one was from the start, and was prepared to make some wise moves to take it out, cleanse the town. She grit her teeth and took a sharp turn onto a one way street, running into the traffic speeding at her and the mysterious killer behind her.

Cars swerved, crashed, sped up, and simply screeched to a stop as the small town Connecticut girl screeched, not expecting the Mazda to slam into her, causing her to crash through the windshield, straight into the empty passenger seat. Her head ached, and she could taste blood in her mouth, her blood. She groaned, propping herself up, attempting to her herself out of the mangled glass, her legs hanging out the hole which she had only just crashed through.

"Ah, a pitiful attempt Jane. But I guess I'll have to revoke your contract!" The killer behind her announced, before a white blinding pain sailed through janes leg, the knife plunging deep into her left thigh, crimson instantly staining the fabric of her jeans. Filled with adrenaline, she snapped her opposite foot back, nailing the killer in the jaw, hearing him stumble, and collide with the ground with a grunt.

Looking for a way out Jane looked around the car when she saw it, the keys were still in the ignition. Wincing and struggling through the intense pain of her leg she slammed her fist into the acceleration peddle, the car lurching forward quickly with a satisfying crunch. She would have laughed, but the pain had finally caught up to her, and she screamed as she passed out, her mind sinking into the folds of darkness.

The dreams were no cakewalk and it wasn't soon until her worst day began to play in her mind...the aftermath to her transformation...

Jane lay in the white, musky hospital room, her face bandaged in white linen and her arm connected to a bag of transparent liquid, slowly entering her system through an IV in her wrist. She cringed, the bright lights of the hospital glaring down at her as if it were the gods above. Then the door opened, and though she could not turn her head, it could only be one person. The person that had created her new body, her new image. Jeff.

He walked over to the helpless Jane, chuckling silently to himself as he set something down beside her bed, on the small table she had nearby for meals and activities. "I brought you something Jane" he hissed, his mouth right beside her ear. She cringed at the voice she once loved, she once cared for, she once would so anything for, and Jeff noticed. "Ah, I am sorry it had to be so painful for you Jane" he smirked at the helpless woman he still had a feeling for. "I hope you like it" he continued, opening the box and bringing out a black sheath, which he held over janes eyes as he drew the knife from it....

Jane burst awake, her eyes wild as she sat up, glancing around the room which she was in....a hospital room. Again. She cursed, seeing she was disarmed, and that her leg was bandaged with a cast. Outside her window she could see was a police officer, and her heart stopped as the officer saw she was awake and entered her room.

"Ah, your awake" the older officer said as he walked over, as if Jane didn't know already. He had a file in his hands, and cuffs on his belt, as well as a semiautomatic handgun which Jane could see that the hammer was back and the safety off. She hoped her face wouldn't betray her expressions of worry as the officer opened the file. "Janet Wesley Romanova Arkensaw" he said and raised an eyebrow at her. "Daughter of an escaped mental patient and serial killer, high school dropout, and....what's this?" He smirked at her, turning the page around so Jane could see the last word. Murderer. Jane gulped, her eyes frantic as she looked for a way out, the officer going for the handcuffs upon her belt when Jane saw the opportunity to escape.

When the officer raised the cuffs from her belt she ignored the pain in her legs and grabbed his belt, using her advantage of leverage an gravity to pull him to the ground and grab the 9mm from his belt.
She didn't hesitate and aimed it at the officer, squeezing the trigger as fast as the mechanics could allow, pumping eight straight shots into him, blood splashing into her face and around the room as she trembled, dropping the empty gun to the floor and looking around wildly. She had to get out, she had to get the damned cast off her leg! She finally saw something she could use, the utility knife the officer had on his belt, but her arm was two inches too short. Refusing to be beaten by such a simple obstacle she threw herself onto the bloody corpse and snatched the knife as if it were a present, admiring the blade before cutting open the cast.

Her leg was fine to her unsightly holes that now stood for her eyes, aside from a scabbed cut, and she smirked, standing on it, with only small amounts of pain racing up her body. It was enough to endure though, and she unbuckled the belt on the cop, putting it on herself after changing out of the thin hospital gown and into her blood splattered jeans and t-shirt. She smiled, now feeling better that she was armed and thought for a moment, how to get out of the hospital? She was ten stories above the ground, and the gunshots no doubt would bring security.... She looked around, noticing she was too big for the air vents, and wasn't confident about the ledge out the window. However, Jane had one idea, and planned to use it.

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Slash: a story of kills
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