Welcome to Creatures of the Night! This is a play-by-post Roleplaying site, where three sentences are appreciated. This is based on supernatural Creatures of the Night, like ghosts, vampires, werewolves and much more.
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PostSubject: Forgotten   Forgotten I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 28, 2013 11:27 pm

List of Characters:
Amber McCrackin as Logan Alex Young


Jake T. Austin as Justin Madison


Niall Horan as Matthew Hahl


Chapter 1: Where am I?

(Logan, Lolo, Alex Young's P.O.V)

      I don't remember where I am, but I tell you everything I know is a lie. I'm Logan Alex Young. I'm fifteen, and I don't know who I am. It's dark, damp, and it stinks. Like rotten meat. I've been in here for who knows how long. I occasionally hear screaming or groaning and moaning. There's barely any food, I only have enough for another 3 days. The only reason, I know my name and is age is because I have a name tag from a school called, "Fallen High." I've tried talking but I can't... is it bad if you can't feel your tongue? Like it's not there. I miss my home. I wonder what it was like, did I have a boyfriend? Girlfriend? Both? Did I have siblings? Are my parents dead?

       The questions running through my head are the ones that have been for the past time I've been in here. I need, want, and will get out of here. See what the world is like. There use to be someone else in here with me but they were pulled out a little after I woke up. I haven't slept since, it feels like hours... days... weeks... months have gone by. I'm tired. But I shall not sleep. If I sleep my guard is down and I'll be killed.

       My foot is chained to a wall, and I can only move three feet away from it. I guess I did something bad and was put in jail, how bad could it have been? All I know right  now is, I need to find a way out... I felt around since the only light was a tiny window on the door. Like always... I felt nothing... no way out nothing to pick the lock with.

       Suddenly there was a loud bang, like a gun. My eyes went wide as I realized I could use this time to finally get out, get help. I heard a body drop to the floor and faint footsteps far away. What if the person that took the other girl was back? Were they gonna kill me? Will  I be tortured? I curled up in a ball and moved a thin sheet of  plywood to cover me. The steps got louder.

       I could hear the person opening every door, as they cursed under their  breath. I curled up as much as I could underneath the plywood. The steps slowed as the came to the door next to mine, they opened it and I heard them groan and hit a wall. They took two quick steps to infront of my door.

       I felt my heart skip abeat and the door slowly started to open.

       "Hello?" they asked.

       I wanted to respond but I couldn't. I couldn't feel my tongue.

       "Hello?!" they asked again, I could tell they were in the room now as their voice bounced off the walls. I slowly moved the plywood away, and stared in front of me. I couldn't see it was all dark, blank. "Hello." They said to me, holding a hand out. I shook it and then motioned to my chain. They raised there gun and I winced.

       There was a loud bang and clattering as the chains burst as the bullet when through them. I sighed and looked at the person that had probably just saved my life, me from starvation.  They grabbed my hand and pulled me into the dimly lit hallway, the smell was getting worse.

       I kept my eyes don't my feet were bare I had on jeans and a black and white striped shirt, my hair was red. Like bright red. My clothes were dirty I had scars on my wrist. Had I cut myself? Wait, was I kidnapped? Was I tortured? Is that why the girl is dead? Did my parents even search for me? Or was I forgotten? I slowly looked up and saw the person that was helping me out of here.

A/N: Okay so tell me what you think and I think I should make it longer... which I will do later, and the song for this chapter:
Savior by black veil brides

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